Hello, my name is Ewoud Venema, and I’m initiating meetings to change the quality of our world. Just a little, or perhaps a lot, depending on my and our ability to embody who we are and bring our potential into form. In my life I’ve been through many experiences making me realize that we’re beings of love and we’re able to change this world through being ourselves and bringing more of ourselves into the world. It’s through the quality of who we are and our ability to recognize what works for us, that we’re able to change this world. I myself have had many experiences, successes and insights about what works and what doesn’t. Now, in 2021, I believe we’ve reached a point where we’re able to ground more of our pure love energy onto the world. So I hope to add a bit to that, through my work.

In the past, I’ve organized meetings about living freely and in relation to money, I’ve written a book about our ability to be ourselves fully and what I experience in that, as well as some of the societal aspects of our possibilities. I have a studies in Economics and Business and have worked as a consultant, where I discovered and learned about the world of work in The Netherlands. Since then, since quitting, I’ve done my own research and experimentation mostly and since 2015 I started hosting meetings.