My name is Ewoud Venema, and I’m here to help build nature’s world. Nature is speaking through us, all of the time. And I’m here to help make this practical, so the world can take shape in the way that it should be and is natural to us.

Now, I’ve been working on making the new earth practical since a long time. It was in 2012 when I quit my job as a consultant, recognizing that the world of work wasn’t the way I had expected it to be when I was in university. I started an alternative pathway; to learn about permaculture and about what it means for a new world to come into existence. I tried many things; some of them which were successful, other which were not always what I had hoped them to be, but gained experience through them. I organized several series of meetings; for instance Vrij met Geld (Free with money) in 2015 and 2016, about our relationship to living the life we want and money. I worked with United Earth and Noomap at the Synergy Hub in Rotterdam. I wrote a book about a new world and the individual dynamics as well as some of the collective solutions. And I wrote many articles, blogs and made video’s expressing what I feel is important to learn and share about a new world and how it comes into existence. Sometimes practically expressing about the needs which are there; for instance around housing, other times about the new frequencies and some of the things to consider to integrate those frequencies.