Getting the frequencies right

It can be challenging to get the frequencies right in the world. What I notice in myself is there can be small contractions, for instance not keeping my boundaries strict. This can be subtle, just a thought “oh, wouldn’t it be nice to share some of my meal” and an opening occurs when I make this mental decision. The contraction happens and I loose energy. What follows is that my field breaks a little bit and I’m open to less inspiring ideas or I start to consider other options that I perhaps wouldn’t when I would have remained centered and fully alive. I notice that I can be convinced of things and feeling that something is the best option, when this occurs. Sometimes I’m disciplined and keep my boundaries simply there and nothing happens. At other times, due to whatever small or big event or circumstance, I loose some of my energy and new possibilities start to appear in my psyche which are not as inspiring as they could have been, or simply just a bit off. Like I said, this can be subtle and there can be some truth to the ideas and projects. But also, they can be just slightly, or sometimes quite off.

At the same time, when things get more relaxed again and I feel more in alignment, I can start to see where I went off track and what I could do differently next time. But still it requires for the full frequency to integrate for me to loose the vulnerability around a specific topic or for it no longer to have a grip on me. During times of trouble this can be challenging.

What do I do to keep my frequencies right? Or as right as possible? I stay as much aligned and aware how things feel. I use silence. And simply be as aware as I can be around how certain things feel for me, while exploring possibilities within and without. There’s definitely things to be dealt with for me and there’s many things I’d like to see differently in my life. While I continue to see what is coming up for me and where I feel things can move into a positive direction.

For now, that’s how I’m going about “getting the frequencies right”.

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