The way we change

It’s so easy to build a different world. We can simply change the way we act, but also change the systems we interact with. We’re not supposed to be controlled by any system, or work with any system which is controlled by anyone. We’re supposed to live in freely and act out of our natural joy and newest revelations, excitements, curiosity and ease, among many other subtle and joyful qualities.

Human beings thrive in social interaction and social environment.

Human beings squander and deplete themselves and each other in relation to external systems and ideas of how we should be, rather than how we naturally interact with one another. When we succumb and deny our natural behaviour and replace it with the ideas of how we should behave, or when we rationalize ourselves into deviating from our natural behaviour, “because we have no other choice”, often, because we already are subject to the force or we simply try to survive ourselves or take care of our families, we become victim to another way of doing which doesn’t correspond with our natural behaviour of care, curiosity, seeing what’s needed and acting based on the situation, rather than the ideas, structures and systems and how they’ve been set up.

But the good thing is, it’s really easy to change these. We can revert back to a natural way of living, both within ourselves as well as in relation to each other and the natural world.

Nature is always providing the example, and we as humans are often as well. When we act out of the part of us that sees what’s needed, that simply cares for one another, that recognizes the circumstances that people are in, and the solutions that are within their own network or surroundings, things change. But also, we can set up the systems to be able to be flexible and we can choose the way things work. When a system doesn’t function fairly, we can adapt it and redesign it. It’s basically how many things on the internet have been starting to change already, towards more decentralized and open systems of interaction and ownership. Where dynamics become more flexible and where interactions happen out of natural relationships mostly, and out of a sense of what’s needed, for the community to grow or for the project to develop healthily.

We can basically change everything and anything that’s not working. And the beauty is, we can help each other give the tools to do this ourselves. Already much has been done in the area of blockchain and crypto currency, but these things can develop more, and come forward even more accessibly.

Because I think we what we want is complete freedom, where we as humans can experience all of ourselves, and where no limitation should be put upon us externally. Where we align with nature and where we honour the natural boundaries and the principles of what’s alive, inside us and outside us. So maximum freedom comes with maximum interdependence and recognition of who we are and who we relate to, practically. When I cross paths with animals, plants and minerals, I relate to them and with them. When I share land with those animals, I recognize that we interrelate and interdepend.

Our natural behaviour simply takes cares of ourselves and each other. We see what’s needed, and we can align with that. Inside us, and with our communities. When we design our human systems in ways which are flexible, there’s no problem and tools like money or administrating things can be fairly flexible and helpful. Like me writing something right now, obviously, it’s helpful for me to be able to use the technology I use. And many of our technologies are helpful. There’s just the part where they have become unhealthy and controlling where they’re influencing me and other in ways that I don’t want and that instigate a departure from my natural behaviour. This is quite obvious in relation to money, where I don’t have a direct say into the things that receive funding, even though I have direct relationship to the things which are being funded. The same holds obviously for communication platforms and other ways in which I interact with the internet, where my data is being gathered and there are attempts to influence my behaviour and pull me into ways of behaving that don’t serve me and don’t align with my natural behaviour, as well as many of the things we know and don’t know about which are happening and pulling me and others out of our natural way of being and doing.

So, once again, we can change anything which isn’t helpful and is driving a wedge between our natural way of interrelating. We can live in complete harmony with everything, inside ourselves as well as the external environment. And we can become more aware of the deviations of this. We can notice anything which isn’t the way we want it, and quite naturally let it change inside us, and sometimes, when we feel this is ours to do, act upon it, and express or change those things directly.

So, it’s easy to change this. We can become aware of those things when they pull us out of it.

While it’s also challenging, and we’re in the middle of a challenging period in which we’re able to and we’re changing these things, pulling them and putting them into the way they should be.

I know what I want, and that’s is living in a world where none of these deviating and manipulative factors continue to exist. Within me and in the world externally. I believe this is the way we’re heading.

I want to live in an environment where many of these factors don’t influence me that much. And where for instance, we can grow our own food, rely on our own energy sources, clean the water or tap it from natural sources and where we build our own initiatives, businesses, schools, and other cultural or otherwise interesting and inspiring activities. I want to live in a place where we can have enough space to contemplate and with ourselves, with myself, with my loves ones, and where I can notice the things I want. Where I feel at ease.

I want to build this place, for myself and others, with others.

Where we provide what we need, and we help the world with those needs as well. Where we build new technologies, and where we practice the things we want to see, and allow these ways of being. Where this freedom becomes natural and where we communicate in the ways that open and strengthen the individual freedom, necessities and nourishing environment for ourselves and each other. It can be very easy.

Sometimes I’m afraid that I can’t find or build this place, while I deeply wish for it and would love to build this.

But I also believe it’s possible. And perhaps I already know where it can be, roughly.

I think somewhere in Europe, perhaps in the South of France, or North of Spain.

Perhaps you want to build this with me, even though building it is a subtle process as well. And we can’t build it with everyone at the same time together, even though the village could offer space for many people.

It’s a matter of right relationships and right connections. When we continue to listen to what’s needed in the moment and who is able to join. And, it’s finding out in the process as well.

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