Building a village


Being our natural self and providing the physical setting to live in this way.

We are rediscovering ourselves as natural beings. Able to shape the world in relation to who we actually are. Who we actually are is in a way unknown and undefined, yet at the same time, it’s very clear when we act out of who we are and when we don’t. Who we are is so subtle and yet so clear and powerful. While at the same time, I and I believe we, are discovering this. I want to build a village where we can live in a natural way, but not just in a natural way, where we embody more of our natural being, which is a multidimensional being. Where we discover and include what we want and need and how we truly want to live, in harmony with nature and all beings. The village is the expression of that which is providing us with the questions and practical steps towards living this. Because we have to include ourselves and we can decide it ourselves what we truly want.

The meeting structure

Every Thursday we meet to build this. Where we connect on the frequency of nature as much as possible and where we oversee the process and the practical steps to build a village that we can call natural. Where we are ourselves, our multidimensional selves. And where we include all of ourselves; what we want and what we need, leaving nothing outside.

At first we start with open meetings, from there I believe there will arise a new structure of what’s needed.

Who can join?

Everyone who’s open to and able to operate from their natural self and is starting to access their multidimensional self and who feels wants to contribute to building this village.


Every Thursday afternoon from 4 pm to 5.30 pm Central European Time (CET). The meetings will be online.


Questions and answers

Where will the village be located?

This is unknown yet. We’re thinking currently about South of France, North of Spain, but this is open.

What is the size of the village?

Also this is open, but we’re thinking about 200 to 300 people.

What are the steps towards this?

Personally, I feel the first step will be a small living community and a core team, which will carry the village. Out of which a village can emerge and where we can find the location for the village.

Am I 100% sure it will be a physical village?

This is an interesting question. The world is already a village. So perhaps it suffices that we just design the infrastructure that people can live in the way they want to, also physically, but this doesn’t have to be as an actual village. It can through a network and a virtual community, who are living their own lives, but connecting with each other, exchanging with each other and engaging with each other. It is important that the physical arrangements are being made, for ourselves and our community. But this doesn’t have to be like being actual neighbors in a village. So we’ll see. Perhaps it will, perhaps it won’t. But I do picture a valley or valleys. And it also provides a very good playground of where the old and the new meet. Which is invaluable I believe. But yes, it will be a physical village.