Building nature’s world

How do we build nature’s world?

By being fully ourselves. When we are ourselves, we become clearer and clearer. We see everything that’s natural, within ourselves and within others. We just know what we want and what we don’t and we see what we want to do. How our energy works. What we’re truly good at and passionate about.

We start recognizing the patterns within ourselves. We just know that’s us. And we know what we should do in the world, because we see what’s needed and what’s flowing.

Then we build nature’s world. Everything in this world can take it’s natural shape. But we have to align with ourselves in order to perceive what’s natural. When we do this, we can naturally relate to anything in this world and we see more clearly where we can operate. Who we can relate to.

There’s a clarity within us that knows everything and sees all potential. We are this clarity, and we have to see and shed what we’re not in and amplify and build on who and what we are, for it to grow stronger. Then the world will become more natural as well.

Then we world can come in alignment with that as well. Because we’re so clear on what we want. We can change the shape of everything. Business models, renting spaces, technology, everything can take it’s natural shape. And do what it should do. Because we are doing it, and we’re seeing what it should be like.

Things are not randomly unnatural, although there are forces in the world who deliberately screw things up. We can see those as well, but we can also do what’s natural ourselves and express this more strongly.

We can clearly and firmly stop what’s not natural. And we can be more of who we are instead.

And all that’s possible is for a natural world to become more strongly and “take over” the world. As a positive force, which is a force of freedom, clarity, peace and excitement.

What is Building nature’s world?

Building nature’ world is a meeting space where we can help build nature’s world. Where we see what’s needed in our lives and in the world, so nature’s world can come forward more strongly. It’s a space where we model a different world. First for ourselves, and by doing that, by being who we are and living the way we want, we automatically build nature’s world.

When we express what we want, and recognize what we don’t, who we are and what we want can come forward more simply and easily. The world of form can shape more easily automatically as well, because of our clarity. We just know it, and we can express it, and find the people who are on the same wavelength and can help us do it. But, here we also find the skill, of seeing what’s ready and what’s not.

All of these things and more, we can explore during Building nature’s world.


Every Tuesday from 7 to 8.30 pm Central European Time. Online.

Donation based

The meetings are based on donation; where you can decide how much you want to and are able to give.

Next meetings theme (August 24):

Building nature’s world; general introduction and exploration of current needs in doing what we want and being who we are, including practical challenges around shaping the world.