We’re looking for a software developer who’s able to build a platform with us, to make a world of love come into practice even more. You’ll be able to work with smart contracts for instance those of Cardano or Holochain, or another one if it seems more suitable and integrate this technology with the platform. We have developed a base platform already, but we’re open to start from scratch or use something which we like to build upon. Ideally you’ll be able to begin straight away and smoothly see where we complement each other and explore the first set of actions, design questions that we like to develop and that enable a world of love to come forward more strongly and practically.

  • You’ll have an understanding of a donation based economy and what it requires from people, businesses and communities to work in this way or you’re interested to learn about this.
  • You’re solid when it comes to software development able to navigate existing projects in the field, oversee the quality of them and have developed you’re own style of working and preference for a code base.
  • You feel the changes that are coming and are excited to be able to shape them with us. In fact, we hope to be making it possible for them to come forward more easily.

About In our nature

I started in our nature in 2020 as a continuation of Co-creative universe where I developed a platform in 2018. The vision and intention for In our nature is simply to make the interactions of the world more human and direct, enabling connection, mutual responsibility taking and simply providing a space for connection and collaboration, and practically enabling a different way of exchange. We’re still in the startup phase so please take this into account when applying. Which means we’re unable to pay a fixed salary at the start until we’ve raised the funds needed or started to receive donations through a first version of the platform.

Send your application to and please include some of your previous work and tell why you’d like to work with us, you’re preferred way of working or just what is exciting to you to apply.