The quality of dreaming

When we connect from the quality of dreaming, the quality of our community increases substantially. We can say what we want and what we need, as well as what we recognize is needed for ourselves and the group to develop. When we connect as ourselves and we notice what we need, in this moment, our reality can start to change and we can do what we feel is needed, not just for ourselves but for the bigger community we’re part of, where we are locally, as well as in the global society, and for instance during meetings like these.

The quality of dreaming becomes obvious, and we become more aligned with it, individually as well as in community.

With this group I want to initiate this meeting, so we can grow in this sense, in most aspects of our being, perhaps all, so that our physical reality can shift and we increase the trust in ourselves and our capacity as a group to deal with what’s needed; again; both physically as well as in aspects of our humanness.

For who?

For those who are living out of their own energy and their natural being. For those who are embodying their multidimensional self and are open to expanding in this direction and contribute from the place of their natural self.

Any preparation needed?

Just be yourself and be able to see and feel what you want and need. But even if you don’t know this for certain you can join and see what you want to do during the meeting. Perhaps your presence is helpful for others and you feel an impulse come up to share something or just fully see someone.


Every Wednesday from 7 pm to 8.30 pm Central European Time.