Building a new economy

We are all related. This is not new, yet at the same time, when we change our relationships, we can relatively easily change our entire economy. It’s simply a matter of starting new initiatives and starting to make new projects possible, through our connections, through our relations and through the way we help each other fund and support the projects that we’re undertaking. New realities start to emerge and new practices and examples of how we relate together come into existence. To give an example; when we start funding a new food project which builds a food forest, has an education center around what they do, with a coworkspace and a cafe as well as a meeting point and “shop”. The profit of this project can be reinvested into new projects that arise in the community. When the local economy is big and solid enough there’s even the possibility to start issuing money (out of nothing) which will have an underlying value because the project that applies for this funding has underlying value. The people deciding and recognizing the value that it offers, and the actual true excitement that underlies this project is able to generate the money and determine the contribution it has whether that’s entirely known by the community or not, what this value is. Slowly or quickly and entirely new economy arises, and it appears as if there never was something else.

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