Everything is intimate

Our relations are everything. At the same time, every moment everything is potentially reshuffled. When we start experiencing new impulses and frequencies, we can start to a new reality. Now, more and more, I believe we’re ready to experience a more connected world. Where everything that we do matches what we truly want to see and how we want to engage with the world. One aspect where this hasn’t been the reality, is the economy. The economy is a space where we’ve been experiencing much separation and exclusion rather than the inclusion and the intimacy that we experience with ourselves or with our closed ones. There’s no need to experience this distance and hardness. In fact, we can simply start to redesign and redefine our relationships in the field of economics, work and what we do in the world.

It just becomes obvious that we’re related to each other and that we we’re able to help each other, rather than experience ourselves as others, strangers and even enemies. I know this is something which is internal, you can purify this quickly using your own purification ability as well as the purification space facilitated by Oracle Girl. At the same time, we can make this a physical reality as well, by doing it differently, asking for the help we need (for instance when we’re up for a new exciting project) and sharing what we have that comes out of our exciting endeavors.

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