Nieuwsgierigheid en vrijheid

Wat gebeurt er wanneer we onze nieuwsgierigheid weer de volle ruimte geven? Wat kunnen we herkennen in onszelf? Welke impulsen zijn er en waarom is dit zo belangrijk, juist nu in 2020? Beluister het in deze opname waarin ik mijn eigen ervaringen en onderzoek deel!

Ik stel mijn uitingen vrij te beschikking, als je wilt, kun je jouw waardering uiting geven via een donatie.

A new society and being in and out of context

In this personal reflection I share about creating a new society and being in and out of context. Especially in 2020 how people can be in and out of context and how conflict arises in those situations. I include and start with some of my own experiences and how it’s very easy to fall out of context for instance when a vulnerability comes up. I hope you enjoy and find it helpful to recognize what’s happening in society through my examples.

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Wat gaan we doen?

In deze opname ga ik in op de vragen en mogelijkheden die nu voor ons liggen. In een bewogen jaar, dat nog lang niet ten einde is, ligt er voor ons de vraag; wat gaan we doen?

Wat gaan we doen is de introductie van het gelijknamige evenement. Bekijk het hieronder!


Natuurlijke wereld – open en uit

Natuurlijke wereld – open en uit

EwoudNovember 27, 20202 min read

Dinsdag 8 december 2020, van 15:00 tot 16:00, online. Laten we onze super intelligentie concreet maken in de wereld. We zijn mega intelligente wezens en we kunnen een hele verfijnde…

Building a natural world – community call int.

Building a natural world – community call int.

EwoudNovember 23, 20201 min read

Tuesday December 2nd, 7.00 – 8.00 pm. CET. We’re building a natural world, through our actions. I’m curious to meet you and explore the challenges y’all face. Let’s connect next…

De wereld anders organiseren

De wereld anders organiseren

EwoudOctober 31, 20202 min read

14 november van 14:00 tot 16:00. Het is in feite zo makkelijk om de wereld op een andere manier te organiseren. We kunnen simpelweg de netwerken opzetten en de initiatieven…

Wat gaan we doen?

Wat gaan we doen?

EwoudOctober 21, 20202 min read

Woensdag 28 oktober van 14:00 tot 15:30; online. Wat gaan we doen? De wereld ligt open, en tegelijkertijd staat er druk op ons. Want er gebeurt van alles. Beseffen we…

Building a new economy

We are all related. This is not new, yet at the same time, when we change our relationships, we can relatively easily change our entire economy. It’s simply a matter of starting new initiatives and starting to make new projects possible, through our connections, through our relations and through the way we help each other fund and support the projects that we’re undertaking. New realities start to emerge and new practices and examples of how we relate together come into existence. To give an example; when we start funding a new food project which builds a food forest, has an education center around what they do, with a coworkspace and a cafe as well as a meeting point and “shop”. The profit of this project can be reinvested into new projects that arise in the community. When the local economy is big and solid enough there’s even the possibility to start issuing money (out of nothing) which will have an underlying value because the project that applies for this funding has underlying value. The people deciding and recognizing the value that it offers, and the actual true excitement that underlies this project is able to generate the money and determine the contribution it has whether that’s entirely known by the community or not, what this value is. Slowly or quickly and entirely new economy arises, and it appears as if there never was something else.

Everything is intimate

Our relations are everything. At the same time, every moment everything is potentially reshuffled. When we start experiencing new impulses and frequencies, we can start to a new reality. Now, more and more, I believe we’re ready to experience a more connected world. Where everything that we do matches what we truly want to see and how we want to engage with the world. One aspect where this hasn’t been the reality, is the economy. The economy is a space where we’ve been experiencing much separation and exclusion rather than the inclusion and the intimacy that we experience with ourselves or with our closed ones. There’s no need to experience this distance and hardness. In fact, we can simply start to redesign and redefine our relationships in the field of economics, work and what we do in the world.

It just becomes obvious that we’re related to each other and that we we’re able to help each other, rather than experience ourselves as others, strangers and even enemies. I know this is something which is internal, you can purify this quickly using your own purification ability as well as the purification space facilitated by Oracle Girl. At the same time, we can make this a physical reality as well, by doing it differently, asking for the help we need (for instance when we’re up for a new exciting project) and sharing what we have that comes out of our exciting endeavors.