For shops and businesses

As a shop you can join, or use the materials. You can simply set up your donation method; choose minimum donation, open donation or any other type of way people can engage with your products and services, either through our API’s or using our platform to also promote your business.

Use our platform to put yourself on the map, or initiate your communities space to engage with you.

Receive donations for your products and services

Start switching from a fixed price, towards a open donation or minimum donation model to relate to your clients and the people you work with or deliver services to.

Use minimum donation to start off

Minimum donation can be an easy way to make a switch. For instance, start at the level of your costs or a bit above, so you can start getting used to and comfortable with this way of working. Experiment how it feels and explain your clients to work with this.

Start receiving and working with a new currency

Start receiving our currency which will enable a free economy, one that’s not controlled by central parties, but within communities. More on this later, as there are multiple ways in which we/ communities can start working with new currencies. We’ll together look for ways in which they’ll be most beneficial for society.

Please note: we’re in the process of setting up the organization. You can express your interest so we can move as quickly as possible!