About us

We humans are closely connected to all of existence. All of us. When we act on and express the feeling of joy and desire, we are simply connecting to all of life, all of each other and all of ourselves. Each moment again. We are quickly and slowly upgrading the way we connect to each other, especially in our economic relations, but in fact, all that is necessary to live a more connected life.

Renovating the economy

Our economy is still rooted in control and domination. These systems are quickly collapsing. We are creating an alternative. We’re building a place where these new actions and interconnections can take shape.


Initiatives are relationships

Making new things possible, is simply a matter of new ways of relating. Every project, every initiative is an interaction. It’s a frequency, it’s a vision for the world. By taking initiatives we renew our relationships. We make new things possible and are able to reshape the world in the way we want it, know it, and feel it can and should be.


Supporting is connecting, engaging is connecting

Whenever we support and engage with initiatives, we make this reality happen. Whether we invest, or we make use of services or products, we are reforming and reshaping the interactions of this world. We can relate in new ways using donations, as truly loving investments (freely giving, as soft loans), or by using donation as a way to relate to clients and use products and services.