Our needs

What do we need that we currently don’t have to make this a reality?

We need a carrier, a platform (blockchain, holochain) to make this new economy a reality. The tools to provide a new economy and enable communities and individuals to start exchanging. This can be ERC20, or any other Ethereum based tool or another developing structure is able to provide this.

Technical skills to build this and the knowledge (and excitement) to start collaborating.

Some initial investment to start the organization and also provide for the legal and official arrangement to be able to help organizations and communities.

If you’re excited to help and work with me, in whatever way resonates for you, please reach out! Ideally, we’ll be forming a two or three people team to start and build. I, myself, would like to focus on the donation part and how to start making this a reality in our communities, businesses and organizations. I would love to find someone who knows really how the crypto and blockchainworld works, as well as is able to work with those systems and knows or has a good sense of the human needs of society, groups and individuals.