Present your initiative

Set up a campaign to receive donations for your initiative.

There’s a variety of ways you can choose to invite people and engage with them in your campaign and your initiative.

For instance:


New living projects, cohousing, villages, tiny house projects etc. Where you share a property or where you collaborate and share a number of facilities. You can choose your version and completely design the type of ownership that matches your wishes.

Whether it’s your business project, initiative, startup etc. We all want to be free, and with freedom comes responsibility to take care of ourselves, each other, as well as the earth and all peoples affected by the business or initiative.

#sharedownership, #commons, #shared facilities, #etc

Attracting money

Now, how do you attract money? There can be a variety of answers here. You can engage in many ways. For instance, using public money (when the network is solid enough to be able to issue money), using private money.

The form of the money: can be entirely freely given (donation), can be soft loans (where there is repayment with soft rules or even flexible ways of repaying based on the needs of the peoples involved), or even stocks. How do we share our profits? Where to reinvest the money? All tools are available here to set up the agreements so you can be as flexible as possible.

#donation, #flexiblerepayment, #care, #seeingwhatsneeded

Community projects

How to involve people and yet maintain the freedom and flexibility? These can be tough questions, and with the many changes that we’re going through in society, or always actually very important. Using the right boundaries so no energy gets lost. How to set up these structures as well? It’s all here.

Again, use the API’s or use our platform to engage and interact as a community.

#community, #collaboration, #boundaries

Please note: we’re in the process of setting up the organization. You can express your interest so we can move as quickly as possible!